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Cecily Macrory

Wake Up! Founding Member

Cecily Macrory is an empowerment coach specializing in Somatic Voice Therapy. Somatic Voice Therapy is a gentle practice that restores harmony, ease, and authenticity in self-expression as well as in emotional intimacy and relationships. Cecily has been a coach for seventeen years, and specializes in working with trauma and PTSD related to sexual violence and abuse. Cecily works with teen and pre-teen girls as a mentor and voice coach, as well as with actors, musicians, teachers and various professionals looking to improve both the health of their physical voice, as well as to increase the impact of their offerings and teachings. Cecily has developed a specific system of breath and voice integration exercises through which clients are supported to relax and settle their nervous systems while speaking and communicating.

Cecily works with the premise that our voices hold a record of all of our life experiences. Trauma can be stored, and held, at times for decades, in our voices and breath patterns. Unwinding these traumas on a cellular level is very possible, often surprisingly easeful through Somatic Voice Therapy.

Cecily's life-long studies in music and healing have taken her from The Manhattan School of Music, The Juilliard School, and Berklee School of Music to the Himalayas and The Kathmandu Healing Center in Nepal, from international stages to silent monasteries, and now to her home in Talent, Oregon where she works and lives with her husband and daughter, and their three dogs.

Cecily is a proud board member of the Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Team (JC SART) and is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as in Sound Healing.

Cecily Macrory
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